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We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of  the leading Industrial Group, Specialist in raw Leather, Gloves & Sports Wears and World class variety of Leather Fashion Wear for Winning any Race. 

Our High Quality has enabled the company of capture a loyal customer base in the international market, which extends from central Europe to USA.

We have been active in the international market for the 10 years and resultantly we have been enjoying a have prosperous and gigantic scale of business, our vast experience is great.

Our team is highly competitive, Energetic and Qualified Personal Believes to produce the quality products in order to meet the highest criteria quality system.

Inview of the above, we wish  to extend you our reliable services in our specialize line and would like to know your needs and specifications so that we could rush your desie=red sample for inspection and approval.

Thanking you,

THT Wears




Fetish / Club wear Products added in Leather Wears Category.

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